Residential & Commercial Drafting

With 27 years of drafting experience we have seen a lot. We provide a full set of working blue prints that any contractor can follow. We also do blue prints for contractors with no conflict of interest.

People of interest we have completed designs for;

  • Harrison Ford, Jackson Hole
  • Diane Sayer, Marthas Vinyard
  • Miasaca Corp., Japan

Residential & Commercial Remodeling

We're Baker County's Design Build Contractor and have completed hundreds of home in the Baker City area.We don't advertised so our reputation has grown one customer at a time. With 27 years in the trades working for others during the boom we chose to start our our business 16 years ago and have done well even after the recession. Call us today to see what we can do for you. Our focus these days has been our Blue Print and Design Service

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We don't take short cuts to give you what you want. We only put out a quality product you can be proud of and will last for many years after we're gone.

Quality Is what we give and expect!

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